ADAM JONES (aka Docta Jones) is a writer, actor, and director originally from West Virginia. He began writing at three years old on a typewriter with no ribbon and started directing at age ten when his father got the family a video camera. Jones began acting on stage in his teens and has since acted in over thirty plays, twenty short films, and had major roles in feature films, most notably:  Empty Rooms, Cry Havoc, The Sunshine Deli and Grocery, Goddog, and Cross Eyed. He has also performed on television in the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys and in AMC’s The American West.


Jones attended Bard College, where he scored two BAs in acting and writing and served as the head of the sound department for drama and dance performances for two years. After graduating, Adam worked as technical director and production manager for the Schoolhouse Theatre in New York, overseeing all elements of production for two full Equity seasons.  While living in New York City, Jones worked in the art department on over fifteen studio films such as Unfaithful, The Stepford Wives, The Interpreter, War of the Worlds, Doubt, Date Night, and The Departed.  During his off time, Jones worked on independent films in a variety of departments, honing his craft as a director and his voice as a storyteller.


Jones’ feature film directorial debut Cross Eyed garnered several awards on the festival circuit including Audience Choice and Grand Jury. He has written several screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays and developed concepts for television series and video games.  Jones co-hosts the podcast Storyosophy and offers script doctoring services to both writers and production companies as a freelance story consultant.  A licensed hypnosis therapist in the QHHT technique, Jones’ love of metaphysics permeates his storytelling.

 The bow tie years.

Happy.  Photo by your mom.    

Happy.  Photo by your mom.



New hairdo.  New thoughts on life and the universe.