Jones provides a unique approach to story and non-linear structuring using his Movement Technique. This flexible system is ideal for navigating stories in all formats and mediums -- screen, stage, or prose.  

Jones offers services for writers of all skill levels worldwide:


For writers facing the blank page or
stuck in the midst of their story.

DESCRIPTION:   Hourly consulting and ongoing assistance.  Much like how you schedule time with a masseuse or therapist to work things out, Jones offers a personal walk-through to talk your story out one-on-one.  Whether you are an experienced writer looking for a stimulating conversation or a new storyteller unsure of where to start, get those ideas out of your head and onto the page.

"Adam Jones embodies the craft of writing.  I came to Adam with an idea and a few characteristics that had evolved in my head for years. He eloquently pulled a well-developed character from my brain in less than an hour. In no time I had not only a children’s book, but also several ideas for a series. He helped me to create fluency in my writing and creating by providing a personal, emotional approach and the patience to work at my pace. ” Heather (Maryland)

“Best advice I’ve ever received! You took my story from a vague idea and turned it into a tangible script in my hands. Thank you for your genius ideas and inspiration.” Youssef (London)


For writers with
finished drafts.

DESCRIPTION:  Feedback for writers with finished screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays, including short format.  Currently, Jones does not offer manuscript coverage, but offers his STORY BUILDING service for novelists structuring books.

Feedback options include a diagnostics report, margin notes, a phone consultation, or any combination of the three.

"Working with Adam Jones is a pleasure. After every session, I find that my imagination has been broadened and I am eager to rush back to work. He not only makes my writing better; he makes me a better writer." Jonathan (New York)

"Adam saved me, a damsel-in-structural-distress. With the ingenious fail-safe structure-boards he developed, my script finally found its right foundation. Also astounding was how he enveloped the world and mind of my characters, fully bringing their points of view and feelings to life. Adam’s heart-felt instruction made a script I worked on for years in better shape than it ever was.” Carmit (Israel)